Nom nom nom!


Kimchi! When I eat this delicious crazy dish I always think that God has to be Korean. I mean, you can eat this with whatever is on your plate. I loooooove Kimchi, love love love it! I would easily marry Kimchi if it would be legal.


Ok, so preparing Kimchi is easy. You need some cabbage, ginger, garlic, radish and Kimchi base (I cheat, you can also buy the powder and mix it with some fish sauce). The stuff is in the picture below (I forgot about the garlic, just add some of it).


Cut the cabbage into pieces, about 2 cm. Sprinkle generous amounts of salt all over the cabbage and place in a bowl with a weight on top, keep in room temperature. After 24 hours, rinse with cold water and drain.


Cut the radish, ginger and garlic into smaller sticks (you can also grate the radish).

316 317

Layer the ingredients in a glass jar, make sure to add the Kimchi stuff. At the end, mix it gently so that the whole thing turns red. Leave the jar in the refrigerator for one week. After this you should have a nice amount of Kimchi! Eat it with everything, if you are a Kimchi addict like me you will start making a new batch very soon. God bless Kimchi!


One response

  1. Samu

    Jag laga nån ganska slarvig version, me bara kinakål (osaltad) och bara nån timme i kylen. Kanske blir godare om man tar sin tid.

    2009/09/22 at 9:10 pm

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