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Larb (Thai/Lao Meat Salad)


You guys thought I was all about that Chinese stuff, surprise bitches!!!

Ok, so here you have some larb. LOL “larb”. No, seriously – this is a great invention of the Thai/Lao people. There is some sort of dispute between the Lao and Thai people, both claim that the dish originated from their country. You could even say that Larb is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict of Asia. I think they should cool down a bit and eat some larb and stop the nonsense arguing! It is a wonderful meat salad that will bring peace to your mind.


The ingredients that I used were minced pork, lime juice, fish sauce, red chilli, ground toasted rice, shallots, coriander, kaffir lime leaves and cabbage. Some recipes also include mint leaves, string beans and thai basil. Obviously I would have used these as well if I had access to the stuff.

You need to roast sticky rice for this. Heat a pan to medium high, add rice and stir until dark brown. Let it cool down and crush it to small pieces in a mortar. You will get some exercise, I would rate the crushing as 2/10 on a muscle building scale. The ground toasted rice is however essential to larb, so do not cheat!

RiceRice 2Rice 3

Ok, so now you have your rice powder – great! Add about 1/2 cup of water to a non-stick pan, do not use oil. Bring to boil and add meat. Let cook until the pork turns white. Remove from heat and add sliced shallots, herbs, about 2-3 tsb of fish sauce,  the juice of 1 lime, chilli, sliced kaffir lime leaves, and about 1 tsb of roasted rice. Mix it all together and serve with cabbage. Enjoy y’all!


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