Nom nom nom!

Komoto, Carrer de la Princesa 33, Barcelona

This was one of the more trendy places that serve pan-Asian global fusion food. The place itself was quite nice at first, it looked modern and inviting. The menu had selections from the sushi bar and a grill menu. 

We had gyoza and edamame for starters, both were ok but nothing special.

For main course we had salmon, tuna and cod ceviche which is a traditional Latin American dish (or way of preparing fish). It looked nice, but what a mess of flavours. You could not taste the fish at all and there were a lot of raw red onion that did not look that fresh at all. The red onions really left a bad taste in your mouth afterwards. I do not understand why they did not use spring onions or something a bit less overpowering. What a mess. 

We also had some tuna rolls that were coated and fried with breadcrumbs. Look at the picture, it looks nice but this tasted like sh*t. No flavours at all but some bad cooking oil that just dominated the whole experience. The fish also had skin on it so I was spitting out food something from each bite, what a total disaster!   

I really suggest that you avoid this place at all cost; it really is not worth the time and money. You feel like you are eating at McDonalds after you sit there for a while. You notice that there is no one in charge and the same music is playing over and over again. Some of the people working there looked like they just came off or got on some drug. Please do not visit this place; I pray that it goes out of business real soon.


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