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L’olla de Sichuan, Arago 224, Barcelona

You guys might remember that I had some great hot pot when I was in London a couple of months ago. Well, now it was time to see what Barcelona had to offer.

When entering the restaurant you could see a lot of couples and friends sharing hot pots and this put a smile on my face. The restaurant itself is not gorgeous, it looks like it just opened or is going out of business. Language was a also a problem for us at this place as we do not speak Spanish and English was not really spoken or understood at all. However, you could easily get the whole hot pot experience starting just by pointing at what the other people were having. Pointing at stuff always works but it is a bit embarrassing not to speak any of the local language…

Anyway, the setup was the same as in London, a lighter chicken soup on one side and a spicier version on the other side. Unfortunately both soups lacked a bit in taste. It does take some time to prepare a nice broth but if it is the main part of a dish then there is really no excuse.

We were then offered a three-level trolley with a LOT of different ingredients to choose from. The vegetables that I can remember included broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, several different forms of cabbage, spinach. The meats were beef and pork buts and different types of meat balls. The fish included octopus, squid, cod, fish balls, prawns, crab claws and a lot more. There was tofu, bean curd sticks and mushrooms of several types. I really was impressed by the huge variety and the old lady that was serving us kept bringing more and more to the table and was very enthusiastic about us eating everything. She came with a plate, smiled and explained a lot about the stuff on it before she added it to our pot an nodded. We did not understand a word and could not really say no, she kept on bringing out the food, feeding us for a couple of hours. It was funny, she was really cute!

Except from the soup base itself being a bit watery, this was a good option for hot pot and you could eat until you explode. What a great dinner!


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  1. Li Wan

    Hello, My name is Li.
    The daugther of the old lady that you mentioned in your article .

    I really happy to notice all opinions from our customers because we can improve our cuisine and our services.
    We have set up l’olla de Si chuan last november and until now we receive some recommendations and I’m very grateful.
    We are trying to improve always. I hope next time when you come to BCN please ask for me.
    The problem about the language I’m really sorry, it’s very difficult recruit qualified people in this sector. All our staff are studying spanish now.

    2010/03/13 at 12:42 am

    • Kim

      Hi Li,

      Thank you for commenting. I would like to thank you for a great experience at your restaurant. We really enjoyed the food and we found the atmosphere very friendly. Language is always an issue when you are out travelling, we did not speak any Spanish but we still managed to get what we were interested in. I really enjoyed your restaurant and I will surely come back when I am in Barcelona! I would recommend this for everyone interested in getting a nice restaurant experience in Barcelona. Please send my regards to your mother and thank her for her great service.

      2010/03/13 at 9:15 am

  2. Li Wan

    Thankyou very much!!! We are in facebook as L’olla de Si Chuan. There you can see all our dishes.
    time by time we are upload all our menus.
    Hopefully see you again!! wherever you are.


    2010/03/15 at 2:15 pm

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