Nom nom nom!

Udon, Carrer de la Princesa 23, Barcelona

We walked by this restaurant one Monday evening when we were looking for a place to eat, unfortunately it was closed but we had a look at the menu and it sounded great so we decided to try it on a later date. They had a lot of different sushi, ramen, udon, soba on their menu and all sorts of other nice Japanese street food.

When we finally managed to eat dinner at Udon we started off with marinated salmon and green rolls. The salmon tasted very much like gravlax and it was also supposed to come with dill but it did not. The fish was not that fresh, some grey bits and some skin! This was the second time that we were served raw fish with skin in Barcelona, such a basic thing to get rid off! The green rolls were filled with rice noodles and very too wet and mushy, no taste at all apart from the mayonnaise.

For main course we had Nabeyaki Udon and Tempura Soba. Once again we were fooled with the food, it looked really nice but tasted like sh*t. The soup base was really a joke, no flavour at all except from what you would get something straight out of a can mixed with water. The tempura was disgusting; since it was served in the soup and was a wet mess within seconds. The egg was boiled earlier in the day, it was hard and greyish. The noodles were also severely over-cooked and had no taste.

What a joke! Seriously, never again am I going to eat in a place that looks fresh and trendy. If you enter a place and you hear lounge music, run for your life.


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