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Mixed Meat Wontons

Wontons, please God bless these small wonderful creations. I love wontons, that is no secret. I bought a bamboo steamer and needed to try it out and wontons were the obvious choice for me. This time around I made mixed meats wontons.

The meats are pork, shrimp and chicken. Start of by mincing these using a Chinese cleaver or any type of knife you have at home. Basically, attack the meat like a ninja until it finely chopped.

I added some minced ginger and garlic for flavour. I also seasoned the mix with Chinese soy sauce, sesame oil and Chinese rice wine. Add some salt and white pepper. Finally you also need to add some starch, I use corn flour. This will create a velvety coat on the meats when they are steamed.

Start folding the wontons, I buy my wonton skins frozen. There are several different techniques, you can find many good videos on youtube.

Arrange the wontons in the bamboo steamer. Make sure to oil the steamer so that wontons do not stick to the surface. Actually, the amount of wontons in the picture is not ideal since they will stick to each other. I was not that fussy about that since I knew that they would be inside my tummy in a couple of minutes so I wanted to get them done in one go. If you want to go fancy, steam about 10-15 at a time and make sure there is enough space between the wontons.

Fill a pan with plenty of water and add the steamer on top. Turn up to high heat and boil away for about 10-15 minutes depending on how many wontons you are making and how much filling you are using. Serve with a dip sauce of your choice or add to a soup. Enjoy bitches!


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  1. Yum! I think I need to get a steamer! I have been pan frying my wontons, which while delicious, is not the most figure friendly! Steaming them means I could eat them all the time! I have a yummy recipe for Ginger Pork wontons if you are ever in the mood to fry instead of steam! Thanks!

    2010/09/03 at 7:17 pm

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