Nom nom nom!

Bar Ristorante Wen Zhou, Via Bramante 20, Milano

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found a true jewel in the chaos that is Milano’s China Town!

It rained in town and we were in desperate need of a nice place to eat dinner at. We entered Ristorante Wen Zhou and were instantly impressed with the punters; about 30 very noisy Chinese men and women literally shouting their lungs off at each other over their food. Actually, we learned later on that they were celebrating Ching Ming (Remembrance of Ancestors Day). The noise was overwhelming, it did not help that they started dancing and singing karaoke later on.

However, the place was just great. Ingredients on display and a very extensive menu with all sorts of nice stuff. They also offered my dinner companion to pick the fish that she wanted to eat, they invited her to the kitchen and she pointed out the fish that they later on prepared for her.

For starters we had steamed pork dumplings with spring onions. Sweet, salty and juicy!

We also had some Chinese spring rolls, very basic cabbage filling but really nice!

The main courses included braised pork belly with bamboo shoots. This was a great choice, really nice flavours and the meat was so tender and perfectly cooked.

The fish (a white variety) grilled to perfection.

I had some Mapo Tofu, this was the real deal. An excellent spicy, oily sauce with incredible taste, small beef bits and wonderful tofu. This was made from scratch, what a master chef!

The meal ended with a nice piece of melon.

We were the last diners this evening and as we finished our meals the 5 chefs joined the partying gang. They brought huge pots with food with them, sat down at a table and started eating in the typical, very determined Chinese manner.

I really loved this place, please visit them and try the food. A top pick!


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