Nom nom nom!

Nem Nem Quan, Åsögatan 90, Stockholm

Nem Nem Quan has been getting some pretty good reviews in the papers lately, so I was very happy to be treated to a business dinner at this restaurant. It is situated in a residential area of Stockholm best reached by foot. The place itself is marketed as a genuine, inexpensive Vietnamese restaurant.

For starters I had some Banh Xeo, i.e. Vietnamese pancakes. Really crisp, filled with tiger prawns and bean sprouts with a nice small salad on the side. A sweet dip sauce (not pictured) was also included. A light and pleasant way to start a meal.

For my main course I had Pho, the traditional Vietnamese beef and noodle soup that you can find in any Vietnamese restaurant. I have had Pho in various places before, in particular I remember a wonderful experience in a restaurant in Paris. The soup should be very flavourful, the noodles should be of high quality and the condiments should be fresh and plentiful.  I found that the soup at Nem Nem Quan lacked a bit in intensity, I think that the stock was a bit plain and the noodles a bit flat. However, when you mixed in the herbs and spices the experience improved quite much.

Overall, a great evening and some really nice food! I would definitely come back as the prices were very reasonable and the menu had some interesting things that I would love to try.


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