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Ristorante Cinese Zhen Bao, Via Lagrange 22, Torino

We were in Torino, Italy, on Easter Sunday. What a nice city, very sophisticated and so many beautiful sights. I really recommend spending a day here if you happen to be in Northern Italy on vacation like I was.

However, stay away from Ristorante Cinese Zhen Bao! We ate here since this was virtually the only restaurant that was not closed. The food was really cheap, about 3-4 euro per dish, so we ordered a lot of it. However, if I could take it back I would! This was a great example of a very poor restaurant with such indifferent staff and incompetent cooks.

Steamed pork dumplings, one with ginger and one with spring onions. This was by far the best dish, I am 100 % certain that they were pre-made and steamed to order.

Fried rice, a sad meal.

Lemon chicken, tasteless chicken in a sour slimy sauce from hell.

Mapo Tofu, or Tofu with red peppers in a sweet and sour watery sauce.

Gong Bao Chicken in the same awful sauce as the Mapo Tofu. No peanuts!

Fried vegetables, or actually this was some sort of salad that they had heated up and seasoned with some sesame oil.

Once again, stay away from this place. You could always try to find some food in a trash can on the street. I bet you could have a more pleasant meal eating left overs on a park bench while enjoying the Italian sun.

If there is a God then he will see to it that Ristorante Cinese Zhen Bao goes out of business very soon.


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  1. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, that’s the standard quality for Chinese restaurants in Italy. Except some rare, really nice places, most Chinese joints offer you all of those horrible dishes with the exact, same ingredients. It’s very sad, but living here for quite a while now I might say that it’s actually Italian’s fault. Have you noticed that the menu offered also Italian Style food? I hope this trend changes soon.

    2012/09/05 at 4:19 pm

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