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China! (Dragon House), Hornsbruksgatan 26, Stockholm

Ok guys, this is my second review of this restaurant located in Hornstull, Stockholm. This place used to be called Dragon House, however, today it goes by the name of China! The menu is exactly the same (they even have the old ones from Dragon House).

In my honest opinion this is one of the best, if not the best, Chinese restaurant in Stockholm. The place itself is not that welcoming, it looks like a regular Chinese joint without character. They have a buffet from which everyone eats, I guess it brings them a lot of cash and they are not able to close it down. However, they have a great “authentic” menu with pictures and descriptions of the food. We tried the following.

La Zi Ji (Sichuan Chili Chicken). Ridiculous amounts of red hot peppers with great chicken bits, not the regular cuts but a lot of delicious bone cuts. A dry dish with lots of hotness to it, perhaps a bit too salty but still great. Actually I tried to make this at home later on, please read my other post.

This dish was called General’s Beef. It was cold cuts of beef boiled in an aromatic broth, extremely nice flavours and textured meat. I loved it, a great cold starter.

Jiaozi, i.e. steamed pork dumplings. These were home made, filled with juicy pork meat and soft spices. They came with a nice dip sauce, very very nice! Actually they were quite large and could easily be shared by two people. Loved it! 

Finally we had some Soy-braised Lion’s Head. This is a soft pork meatball made from fatty meat and water chestnuts. The texture is very soft and the flavours are quite strong. I really liked the dish and would definitely try it once again.


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  1. the girlfriend

    the chillies in the Sichuan Chili Chicken dish were very tasty, roasted and crunchy! sadly i wasn’t woman enough to eat even one without paralyzing my tongue, haha.

    2010/05/13 at 11:47 am

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