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Hanoi Deep-fried Spring Rolls (Nem Ran Ha noi)

Check out this Hot Mamas! Vietnamese deep-fried spring rolls and kimchi! Actually, these rolls did not turn out the crispy golden colour and texture that I wanted. I think the problem was that the rice paper I used was too thick, I deep-fried them about 15 minutes on high heat and the colour just would not appear. However, the result was really nice and you can easily make these at home.

A few words and pictures about the kimchi. I found a new sauce mix at JFK Shop in Stockholm, this was far more superior to the other brand I have tried earlier. The one I recommend is the one to the left. The other sauce mix is commonly available but in my opinion far too salty.


Kimchi is very easy to make. You need cabbage and a sauce mix. Usually I add some other stuff, e.g. pears (pictured below) or ginger and white radish (picture above). Just add everything to a jar, add the sauce and stir. Leave the jar in the fridge for a week or so. Ready to eat!


For the spring rolls I used the following ingredients. Clockwise from top: carrots, crab meat, pork, garlic, black wood ear mushrooms, spring onions. I seasoned the mix with fish sauce, white pepper and salt.

Lay out some filling + vermicelli noodles on a moist rice paper. Roll and make sure the edges are sealed shut. Deep-fry in hot oil until the rolls turn golden brown (which did not happen in my case). Serve with a nice dip sauce, there are so many varieties to choose from. I tend to go for the sweet, sour, salty and spicy Thai ones. Enjoy bitches!



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