Nom nom nom!

Sohojapan, 52 Wells Street, London

When heading back home from town, we passed by this place and decided to give it a try. Little did we know that this restaurant is actually one of the better Japanese restaurants in these parts of London. We had some seriously gorgeous and tasty bento lunches at Sohojapan on Wells Street in London.

Apparently this place is quite popular since they asked if we had booked tables for lunch, which in my opinion is unusual. The restaurant itself is not your typical Japanese restaurant, the interior resembles that of a traditional pub.

Sohojapan offered a lunch menu with some basic alternatives, although quite expensive. We chose the two bento boxes with a selection of small, extremely well-prepared dishes.

I must say that this was THE best Japanese meal I have ever had. The fish was absolutely wonderful and the tempura perfect. The seasonings were on the spot and the composition sublime.

We ended the meal with a cold black sesame pudding with cream and strawberries. What a great meal!

However, the coffee was a pure disaster. I hope they seriously reconsider using the cheap machine that they used or that they stop serving coffee as such. Otherwise, a fantastic experience!

Soho Japan on Urbanspoon


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