Nom nom nom!

Myung Ga, 1 Kingly Street, London

I joined a group of friends to have this nice set meal at Myung Ga on Kingly Street. Actually, we shared two set meals; one with seafood and one with meat. I liked the food, however, eating set meals is always a gamble. Usually this involves having the most popular dishes and I can’t get rid of the thought of huge pots in the kitchen with all the food prepared in advance.  Although everything was fresh and nice, it seemed as if the dishes were perhaps prepared in a rush without much love.

Soups for starters, light and pleasant.

Deep-fried vegetables with a dip sauce (not in picture).

Dumplings (Goon Mandu), really nice and crispy.

Japche, Korean glass noodle fry. This was perhaps a bit too unspecific in taste.

Seafood Bbq.

Pork Bbq.

Seafood bulgogi, not a big fan of the veggies in this dish. A bit buffet style.

Chicken bulgogi.

Cabbage kimchi. This was really acidic, I liked it.

Modum namul, or preserved/marinated vegetables.

The meal ended with some nice fresh fruit.

All in all, this was an ok Korean restaurant but not the greatest. A bit too rushed and lacked personality. Soju, reviewed earlier, was superior and although the interior is not as nice at Soju, the food is far better.

Myung Ga on Urbanspoon


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