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Baozi Inn, 25 Newport Court, London

Time for a great Chinese budget alternative in China Town. Baozi Inn, the street food alternative to Bar Shu and Ba Shan, serves a mix of noodle, soup and regional signature dishes. The place itself is not fancy, but the service is great! We really find everything on the menu to be interesting and the prices were extremely reasonable (£6 for main courses). There were also a number of nice starters and side orders to pick from.

We started off with egg baozi. The dough was delicious, the filling was vegetables (a lot of leek) and egg. The taste was fantastic and I would strongly recommend trying these.

The first main course was Chengdu Dan Dan Noodles. They came in bowl on top of some spicy broth, with minced pork and greens to mix it all in. I loved this dish, the noodles had a perfect texture and were full of flavour.

In the second main course, the noodles were in a aromatic soup. Topped with cilantro, greens and beef; this was a warm and filling soup. Great colours and great flavours.

I will most definitely be going back to Baozi Inn, they had so many things on the menu that I want to try out. Please pay them a visit and enjoy the nice food!

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  2. What a great place to be – Baozi Inn! I really enjoyed my time there. I got to enjoy the boiled dumplings, the Pork Baozi and the House Special Baozi! Thank for your review!

    2011/09/27 at 5:11 pm

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