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Baozi Inn, Part 2 & 3

Since writing the previous review, I have actually revisited Baozi Inn twice! I like their central London location, the service is always fast and the prices are very reasonable.

I wanted to try some more of their soups, they actually have quite many on the menu.

Here you have Bbq spare ribs noodle soup, very dark and rich in colour and flavour. Definitely worth trying!

This was one of their house specialities, Sichuan spicy noodle soup. To be honest, the soup was not at all spicy and it was very oily so you would be mad to finish the dish. The flavours were ok, but nothing spectacular.

Mapo Tofu! It was served on top of a very generous serving size of rice and came with a small chicken soup (picture below). The flavours were all there and I really liked that they had sprinkled loads of ground Sichuan pepper on top of it. It was perhaps a bit dry if I were to criticise something, however, a great dish!

Finally, pork baozi. A bun with a great lump of pork in the middle. Actually really nice and a good way of filling your stomach! You are not given any cutlery to eat the bun, sorry for the bite marks on the bun.

* Update 10/08/26 *

Today I visited Baozi Inn again. I had two dishes; one pork/spicy noodle and one sour-hot tofu side dish. I really DISLIKED the food today, it had no taste and it was just bland. I might stay away from the place for a couple of months and see how things develop. It is definitely not on my top picks list any more.


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