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La mian, Brick Lane Sunday market

I am so happy to finally be in London with all the excellent food available here! We were visiting Sunday UpMarket on Brick Lane recently and just happened walked by this food stall selling La mian noodles, freshly made on the spot. Amazing! It is not actually located in Sunday UpMarket (where you also can get some nice food), it is away from the market, past Truman Breweries. The location perhaps changes according to the market, I need to confirm this on my next visit there.

I shot a video of the chef preparing the noodles. Yes, I know, the quality is awful and I need to get a new camera. The stills are below, he was so fast making the noodles – very impressive!

Here are the final products:

Chengdu Dan Dan Noodles with preserved vegetables. Grrreat!

La mian with pork wontons, amazing.


One response

  1. great to see that there is la mian in the UK – I would love to try it

    2012/11/02 at 11:55 am

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