Nom nom nom!

Sushi Ga Ga, 16 Lisle Street, London

On my way home I walked by this newly opened Japanese restaurant (with non-Japanese staff) on Lisle Street. They had a 50 % offer on their entire menu, this was really a temptation I could not resist of. I did not even notice the name of the place when I entered, however, soon I realised that they were playing Lady Gaga on the stereo and they had Ga Ga specials on their menu. I most say, that this was perhaps the most confusing thing with the restaurant. The interior is new and fresh, feels very clean but lacks warmth.

I ordered the following items from their menu (which was really a Japanese/Chinese/Korean mix).

Gyoza. These were actually really good, soft and tasty.

Kimchi. OMG this picture is just awful. The problem was my camera and the fact that it was served in a deep bowl so it made it even harder to get a decent picture. The first thing on my list to buy when I get my next pay check is a new camera. The kimchi was a mix of cabbage, carrots and other vegetables. It was actually very good, a bit different to all other kimchi I have tried. the sauce was a bit smoother and thicker and there was much more garlic in Sushi Ga Ga’s version. Still, I enjoyed this very much.

Chirashi Sushi, one of those stomach fillers! The fish came cut in cubes, the first time I have encountered this. Not sashimi quality fish; hence, the cubes I guess. However, it worked out really nice and I found the dish really nice.

The chirashi sushi came with a small Soba noodle soup. This was not good, I actually just had a taste of the soup and some noodles and decided not to eat it. A boring texture to the noodles, the soup was too sweet and really was not something I would enjoy eating. It was also a bit strange to have a carb supplement to a carb main dish.

All in all, I might go here again if they have some good offers on the menu. I would definitely order the Kimchi and perhaps try one of their nigiri plates or Bento boxes.

Sushi Ga Ga on Urbanspoon


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