Nom nom nom!

Song Que Café, 134 Kingsland Road, London

Kingsland Road in London offers numerous Vietnamese restaurants to the food enthusiast. It is really the Vietnam Town of London, without all the tourists.

We decided to try Song Que, a place that has received a fair amount of very positive reviews. The restaurant can take quite many people, so expect a busy environment in the evening. The service was still very fast and effective. Actually, I am not that fussy when it comes to service. For me, the quality of the food is always the most important. I even think that it can be a bit hilarious with rude staff, one of my favourite Chinese restaurants is a place where the waitress shouts Goodbye when you enter the place and literally throws the menus on the table.

Back to the food. We started of with Vietnamese Summer Rolls, very tasty.

Then we continued with Spicy Soft Shell Crab. These looked liked African spiders, but were really great. Not too spicy.

The meal was then followed with two bowls of Pho, one with seafood and one with beef and tofu. I really liked the soups, noodles and the herbs and vegetables to mix in. This is what Vietnamese food is all about!

Please do visit Sonq Que, a great place to sample some nice food.

Song Que on Urbanspoon


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