Nom nom nom!

Jen Café, 4 Newport Pl, London

Jen Café is a classic China Town eatery. They have a small, very Spartan restaurant were they serve their famous Bejing Dumpling and other sort of home made dishes. It is very inexpensive, the service fast and friendly. Definitely not a place to take somebody on a romantic date, but a great place for a snack or fast meal.

I had the Bejing Dumplings, with a nice and juicy pork filling. There are some condiments on the table, I mixed a soy-vinegar-sugar dip sauce and poured it over my dumpling. Great, and only £4.

This was today’s special, a noodle soup dish with shredded pork and preserved green cabbage. I really liked it, although it was a rustic meal. I will revisit Jen Café in the future for the dumplings, I might also try some other specialities from the menu. What a great place to fill your tummy!

* Update 10/08/22 *

It did not take me long to go back to Jen Café! Once again, I had the dumplings and they were fantastic! I really think they are one of the better ones that I have ever eaten. I also tried some BBQ Pork with Rice, this was only a stomach filler. I must say that I was not that pleased with the dish, they actually microwave it to order. In the future, I will stick to the dumplings and if I am still hungry then there’s always the street stall ju that sells all different kind of buns just across the street.

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