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Noodle Oodle, 25 Oxford Street, London

I was reading about Sichuan cuisine and started imagining having a nice bowl of Dan Dan Mian, or Chengdu-style Dan Dan Noodles. I have had these before at Ba Shan and at Baozi Inn, and I really like the dish. If you are interested in learning more about this speciality, there is some basic reading on wikipedia:

I googled my way through some of the more inexpensive London restaurants that offered the dish and ended up at Noodle Oodle on Oxford Street (sic!). The place had received a fair number of positive reviews, however, here is a not so positive one.

The noodles were great, hand made and cooked to order. Perfect texture and taste. However, there were so many other things wrong with the dish. No pork or pickled vegetables, no Sichuan pepper or oil any other sign of this being a Sichuan dish. The chicken on top had no taste, although the soup base was quite nice there was just too much of it. It was definitely peanut/sesame flavoured, but lacked depth. I guess that is what you get for paying just £6, however, you get the same dish for the same price at Baozi Inn and it is so much better.

Xiao Long Bao, also made to order. Nice and juicy pork, however not much soup in the dumplings. Noodle Oodle, they try but they fail.

Noodle Oodle on Urbanspoon


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