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Woo Jung, 59 St Giles High St, London

Woo Jung, this is one of the Korean restaurants near the monstrosity that is London Centre Point. I actually visited this restaurant last summer, don’t even know if it’s still there.

I remember not ordering these starters, they were on the house. Kimchi (great!), pickled bean sprouts and cucumber and some weird jelly with hot sauce on the top.

This was what they called something similar to spicy pork soup. I remember that this had no taste at all, very bland.

I have a theory when it comes to spicy food served in Asian restaurants. At some places, not sure if this happened at Woo Jung, they get all excited when you order something that says spicy. Usually they ask you, “very spicy, hot hot, ok?”. Then they walk away with the order and look a bit sceptical. My experience is that when you get the food, it’s not at all spicy or hot! So, what I think they do is that they scribble down the order and then add some funny characters for “white person no no spicy” for the kitchen.

Woo Jung, ok food, but you can have much nicer Korean food at several restaurants nearby in Soho. Sorry guys!

Woo Jung on Urbanspoon


One response

  1. I love Woo Jung, although a little small in place.. the food is ace! Great post.

    2011/10/01 at 5:08 pm

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