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Eating out

Red N Hot, 59 Charing Cross Road, London

It’s been ages since my last update! I’ve had a lot of very nice food recently, but all the pictures have turned out dark so no use posting them here. The thing is that I’m waiting for Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc to be released here in the UK, should be any day soon. Apparently, it has a really nice camera and I’ve been waiting for a decent camera phone. So, hopefully more updates with better pictures soon.

Ok, Red N Hot should seriously consider putting me on their payroll because I eat here a lot. I think it’s such a nice restaurant, the food is perhaps a bit heavy but the flavours are great. Tried some new stuff this time around.

Good old pork dumplings, these are delicious.

These are cumin spiced king prawns. I’ve had this twice I think. Really flavourful prawns, loads of cumin, Sichuan pepper and chilli. Such a nice dish! I just eat the prawns shell on, love these bastards!

Slices of pig’s ear in sesame oil. This was actually good, although a bit starchy. The ear was crunchy, thinly sliced and heavily seasoned with sesame. Would definitely try pig’s ear again, perhaps in a different dish.

Here you have, if I remember correctly, boiled beef and beef tripe. This really looks alien! The taste was great! Aromatic, tender meat and a good crunch in the tripe. You really have to not think about what you are eating, it can be a challenge. Great food though!


Dong San, 47 Poland St, London

I have walked past Dong San on Poland Street many times, stopped and looked at the menu and then run away at the sight of all the plastic sushi, sashimi and kimchi on display in the window. However, having read some positive reviews about this place, I decided to give it a go. Actually, I have been here twice now as the food turned out to be very, very good!

Raw beef sashimi! This is so tasty, the beef, cucumber and pear all cut identically, blended together with egg yolk and sugar and sesame oil. I could eat 100 portions of this stuff, perfect!

Kimchi Pancakes, perfectly crispy on the outside and nice and moist on the inside. Love the taste of these pancakes.

I have a soft spot for mackerel. This was a grilled mackerel, seasoned with some lemon and salt. Very, very good. Once again, I could have easily had more of this.

Finally, spicy squid with cucumber and onions and some other vegetables. This was also a cold dish, the portion is huge. I really loved this, I also recommend trying the same dish with whelk.

I must say that Dong San has positively surprised me on both visits and I will be going back very soon. I have no idea what the sushi and sashimi tastes like, to be honest I don’t even know why they bother doing this. I think it might be for lunch guests to make some money, so I forgive them. Please pay them a visit and let me know what you think!

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Woo Jung, 59 St Giles High St, London

Woo Jung, this is one of the Korean restaurants near the monstrosity that is London Centre Point. I actually visited this restaurant last summer, don’t even know if it’s still there.

I remember not ordering these starters, they were on the house. Kimchi (great!), pickled bean sprouts and cucumber and some weird jelly with hot sauce on the top.

This was what they called something similar to spicy pork soup. I remember that this had no taste at all, very bland.

I have a theory when it comes to spicy food served in Asian restaurants. At some places, not sure if this happened at Woo Jung, they get all excited when you order something that says spicy. Usually they ask you, “very spicy, hot hot, ok?”. Then they walk away with the order and look a bit sceptical. My experience is that when you get the food, it’s not at all spicy or hot! So, what I think they do is that they scribble down the order and then add some funny characters for “white person no no spicy” for the kitchen.

Woo Jung, ok food, but you can have much nicer Korean food at several restaurants nearby in Soho. Sorry guys!

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Four Seasons, 12 Gerrard St, London

Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the rabbit is here! Not only is this a very cute animal, it also delicious to eat! Nom nom nom!

It seems appropriate to update with a recent visit to Four Seasons in China Town (yes, the tourist Mecca of London). Anyway, I’ve been watching a Swedish TV series on Chinese cooking (Kinas Mat) that is totally the best food series I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. One of the episodes deals with the art of preparing Bejing Duck, I was so impressed by this that I immediately wanted to have a taste of it myself.

However, I did some reading and realised that it is virtually impossible to get an authentic duck in (or outside China for that case), because you have to have a special oven that really only is used to cook the duck in. One 5 star hotel in London has this oven, however, at this particular day I wasn’t up for a fancy dinner so I opted for a roast duck at Four Seasons (which supposedly has one of the best ducks in London).

The meat was very tasty, perhaps a bit on the dry side. Pancakes great, vegetables and condiments really nice.

We also tried the lobster meat with straw mushrooms. Tasty, but a bit slimy. Then again, this is Cantonese food and I’m not a big fan of the slimy sauce. OMG, my Cantonese readers will most probably hate me now.

Some really great Chinese broccoli (Kai-lan), quickly heated and seasoned with garlic and soy sauce. To be honest, this was perhaps the best part of the meal. Perfectly cooked vegetables with clean flavours.

All in all, good food if you are a fan of the Cantonese kitchen!

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Yoshino, 3 Piccadilly Place, London

Hi guys, sorry for not updating for ages. LOL, that’s such a common excuse on blogs around the Internet. I’ve got like 10 posts to write, all great food that I’ve eaten this year.

Let’s start of with Yoshino, this great restaurant near Piccadilly Circus. This place has offers some REALLY nice fish at a very reasonable price. The place itself is not that cosy, very average decor. The staff is very kind and attentive, nothing to complain about!

For starters, edamame and Japanese cucumber salad. Both really good, the second one VERY overpriced though. It was about 10 slices of cucumber in vinegar, the same prices as 4 slices of fish!

The fish, OMG, looking at this picture makes me hungry. From 1 o’clock we have tuna, followed by mackerel (my favourite), the good old salmon, some slimy squid (this is always slimy) and finally eel.

I’m definitely going back, you should pay them a visit as well!

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Red ‘n’ Hot, 59 Charing Cross Road, London

This is the second (or third) time I write about Red ‘n’ Hot on this blog. It is one of the Sichuanese restaurants in London that I visit on a regular basis. They consistently serve good quality Sichuanese food and they keep it authentic, if it says spicy it is spicy and no bell peppers or other random vegetables here. It’s always packed with (young) Chinese people, not perhaps the most cosiest and romantic of restaurants – then again, who needs romance when you can have Sichuan pepper?

Here’s pictures of some of the food I have had there this autumn.

Hot and sour vermicelli soup. This is an interesting and very tasty dish, I love the dried soy beans (I think it’s soy beans) that they top this soup with.

Dan Dan Noodles. This is very different from the other Dan Dan Noodles you get in London,the noodles are thinner and it’s more mild.

Here we have the same noodles, this time cold served in a hot and sour cold broth (under the noodles). This is topped with cucumbers and sugar! Mix it together and enjoy. Love the vinegar on this one!

Pork Dumpling with Chili Oil, very nice and tender.

Wonton noodles in chicken broth, these are so soft and velvety, lovely!

Water cooked pork, a favourite of mine. This comes in a very spicy and flavourful broth (not a broth really). Generous amount of Sichuan peppers and chillies. I really love this!

Mapo Tofu. There is something with this dish that makes me go crazy. The tofu, the leek and the minced pork in the very spicy sauce. I LOVE MAPO TOFU! I’d have children with mapo tofu, I’m not sure it’s possible though.

I’d love to be in a Chinese kitchen to see how they prepare their fish because it is so different from what you would get in any fish restaurant. Extremely soft, delicate but yet firm. The fish is always expensive (£15+), you do get a decent amount though. This was a white fish served with some green leaves and tomato skins. Wonderful!

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Taro, 61 Brewer Street, London

Soho has so many wonderful (and cheap) Asian restaurants, Taro most certainly belongs to this category. This is a Japanese restaurant with an extensive menu, here you can get your sushi, ramen, sashimi or yakitori or whatever you might fancy.

We started with a selection of pickles, great flavours and a nice crunchy texture.

How can you not order Gyoza? These were perfectly cooked, really nice!

When it comes to Asian soups I really have a weak spot for Ramen. This was a shoyu ramen, a selection of nice and fresh vegetables, black cloud mushrooms and some fish cakes. The noodles were really nice and the broth excellent! One of the best ramens I’ve tried in London this year.

Chicken Ramen, a meatier and more bold version. A great mix of bean sprouts, spring onions, seaweed and chicken. Loved it!

Taro is actually part of a chain (ok, they have three restaurants in London so I’m not sure if you would call it a chain). This is the Brewer Street restaurant, not sure about the other two but I will definitely be going back here! I love ramen!

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