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Mooncakes, Lotus Seed Paste Filling

Moon cakesMoon cake 1Moon cake 2

OMG these mooncakes were totally delicious! I bought them from OMI Food in Stockholm on my previous visit. Apparently they were arranging some sort of mooncake festival and had cakes with different fillings (e.g. lotus seed paste, smoked pork and sweet bean) for sale. All cake boxes were numbered and they wrote the number down on a list when I paid at the counter, strange!

In the pictures (great lights and angles!) you can see the box, a cake and the filling with the moon in the middle (crumbled egg yolk). I had it with coffee, I might have committed a big no-no by doing this but I am not that familiar with Chinese pastries and sweets. OMG delicious! By yourself some mooncakes bitches!