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Vietnamese Restaurant, 34-36 Wardour Street, London

I was desperately hungry and found myself seated in this random Vietnamese restaurant in China Town called Vietnamese Restaurant. That, and the fact that I was ushered to an empty table by a member of staff wearing a cheap leather jacket, made me fully aware of what was to follow.

This was a mix meat Pho. Ok meats, the soup did not have much flavour and the noodles were boring.

Add some cilantro, lime, Thai basil and bird eye chillies and fish sauce and it gets a bit more exciting.

Deep-fried spring rolls. These were good, but you know, how can you even go wrong with this dish. All in all, not worth the visit if you are looking for a nice Vietnamese restaurant, does work if you want a cheap stomach filler. Plenty of those around in China Town, Vietnamese Restaurant is perhaps one of the less awful ones.

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