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Soju, 32 Great Windmill Street, London

People, listen up! This is a very nice, inexpensive Korean restaurant in London for you to visit. They were voted by Time Out as one of the better cheap eats in London. In addition, they carry the name of one of my teachers in high school which made the experience a bit funny for me.

Korean food is something I have not written that much about. Some of the best meals I have had have been Korean. There are some excellent alternatives in New York if you happen to be there. Of course there is Korea itself, not Kim Jong II land, but South Korea.

We arrived very late to Soju, I guess we were the last table to order. Therefore the service was ultra rapid. No problem with this, I really do not like to sit around waiting for my order to be taken. We had a selection of small portions for starters. From left: cucumber kimchi, cabbage kimchi, goon mandu (Korean dumplings) and a cold tofu salad. All of these were excellent.

We finished the meal with some excellent raw beef bibimbap. This came in a hot pot and the beef was perfectly cooked after mixing the stuff around. Bibimbap is excellent, I love it! I will most definitely go back to Soju, a great place for a Korean dinner.

* Update 10/08/24 *

I have been to Soju twice after writing the original post, once for dinner and once for lunch.

The best thing ever was their Raw Beef Sashimi, this was one of the best things I have eaten in a long time. The beef came shredded with pears, a great combination.

I also had some bibimbap similar to the one above, however the beef was cooked in this version. I must say that I prefer the one with raw beef. They have some great alternatives for lunch, please pay them a visit.

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