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Taro, 61 Brewer Street, London

Soho has so many wonderful (and cheap) Asian restaurants, Taro most certainly belongs to this category. This is a Japanese restaurant with an extensive menu, here you can get your sushi, ramen, sashimi or yakitori or whatever you might fancy.

We started with a selection of pickles, great flavours and a nice crunchy texture.

How can you not order Gyoza? These were perfectly cooked, really nice!

When it comes to Asian soups I really have a weak spot for Ramen. This was a shoyu ramen, a selection of nice and fresh vegetables, black cloud mushrooms and some fish cakes. The noodles were really nice and the broth excellent! One of the best ramens I’ve tried in London this year.

Chicken Ramen, a meatier and more bold version. A great mix of bean sprouts, spring onions, seaweed and chicken. Loved it!

Taro is actually part of a chain (ok, they have three restaurants in London so I’m not sure if you would call it a chain). This is the Brewer Street restaurant, not sure about the other two but I will definitely be going back here! I love ramen!

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Sushi Ga Ga, 16 Lisle Street, London

On my way home I walked by this newly opened Japanese restaurant (with non-Japanese staff) on Lisle Street. They had a 50 % offer on their entire menu, this was really a temptation I could not resist of. I did not even notice the name of the place when I entered, however, soon I realised that they were playing Lady Gaga on the stereo and they had Ga Ga specials on their menu. I most say, that this was perhaps the most confusing thing with the restaurant. The interior is new and fresh, feels very clean but lacks warmth.

I ordered the following items from their menu (which was really a Japanese/Chinese/Korean mix).

Gyoza. These were actually really good, soft and tasty.

Kimchi. OMG this picture is just awful. The problem was my camera and the fact that it was served in a deep bowl so it made it even harder to get a decent picture. The first thing on my list to buy when I get my next pay check is a new camera. The kimchi was a mix of cabbage, carrots and other vegetables. It was actually very good, a bit different to all other kimchi I have tried. the sauce was a bit smoother and thicker and there was much more garlic in Sushi Ga Ga’s version. Still, I enjoyed this very much.

Chirashi Sushi, one of those stomach fillers! The fish came cut in cubes, the first time I have encountered this. Not sashimi quality fish; hence, the cubes I guess. However, it worked out really nice and I found the dish really nice.

The chirashi sushi came with a small Soba noodle soup. This was not good, I actually just had a taste of the soup and some noodles and decided not to eat it. A boring texture to the noodles, the soup was too sweet and really was not something I would enjoy eating. It was also a bit strange to have a carb supplement to a carb main dish.

All in all, I might go here again if they have some good offers on the menu. I would definitely order the Kimchi and perhaps try one of their nigiri plates or Bento boxes.

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Sohojapan, 52 Wells Street, London

When heading back home from town, we passed by this place and decided to give it a try. Little did we know that this restaurant is actually one of the better Japanese restaurants in these parts of London. We had some seriously gorgeous and tasty bento lunches at Sohojapan on Wells Street in London.

Apparently this place is quite popular since they asked if we had booked tables for lunch, which in my opinion is unusual. The restaurant itself is not your typical Japanese restaurant, the interior resembles that of a traditional pub.

Sohojapan offered a lunch menu with some basic alternatives, although quite expensive. We chose the two bento boxes with a selection of small, extremely well-prepared dishes.

I must say that this was THE best Japanese meal I have ever had. The fish was absolutely wonderful and the tempura perfect. The seasonings were on the spot and the composition sublime.

We ended the meal with a cold black sesame pudding with cream and strawberries. What a great meal!

However, the coffee was a pure disaster. I hope they seriously reconsider using the cheap machine that they used or that they stop serving coffee as such. Otherwise, a fantastic experience!

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Wasabi, all over London

London, I love you – London, I love you!

What a great new addition to the London take away lunch. Wasabi has 10+ small food kiosks in town offering a range of seriously fresh and tasty sushi. The pieces are individually wrapped and the selection is extremely broad considering the fact that they only do take away. We bought ourselves some nice sushi and found ourselves a nice spot in the nearest park and enjoyed the fresh food. What a great alternative to fast food and once again, the quality is really good. Please do support Wasabi’s cause!

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Machiroku, Carrer de les Moles 21, Barcelona

We celebrated New Year in Barcelona, what a great city! There were some good Asian restaurants in town, a bit difficult to find perhaps but worth the effort. 

On our first day we ate lunch at Machiroku located in downtown Barcelona. We were offered starters which included sashimi of salmon, tuna squid. We also had a small portion of basic fried noodles. Both starters were great, no complaints.

For main course we had Unagi Donburi (grilled eel with a sweet soy sauce glace) which was totally delicious. We also had some Salmon Don, very fresh and tasty. 

The food was really nice for lunch, the restaurant was busy and the staff friendly and effective! I would most definitely eat lunch here again if I were in Barcelona.

Udon, Carrer de la Princesa 23, Barcelona

We walked by this restaurant one Monday evening when we were looking for a place to eat, unfortunately it was closed but we had a look at the menu and it sounded great so we decided to try it on a later date. They had a lot of different sushi, ramen, udon, soba on their menu and all sorts of other nice Japanese street food.

When we finally managed to eat dinner at Udon we started off with marinated salmon and green rolls. The salmon tasted very much like gravlax and it was also supposed to come with dill but it did not. The fish was not that fresh, some grey bits and some skin! This was the second time that we were served raw fish with skin in Barcelona, such a basic thing to get rid off! The green rolls were filled with rice noodles and very too wet and mushy, no taste at all apart from the mayonnaise.

For main course we had Nabeyaki Udon and Tempura Soba. Once again we were fooled with the food, it looked really nice but tasted like sh*t. The soup base was really a joke, no flavour at all except from what you would get something straight out of a can mixed with water. The tempura was disgusting; since it was served in the soup and was a wet mess within seconds. The egg was boiled earlier in the day, it was hard and greyish. The noodles were also severely over-cooked and had no taste.

What a joke! Seriously, never again am I going to eat in a place that looks fresh and trendy. If you enter a place and you hear lounge music, run for your life.