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Dong San, 47 Poland St, London

I have walked past Dong San on Poland Street many times, stopped and looked at the menu and then run away at the sight of all the plastic sushi, sashimi and kimchi on display in the window. However, having read some positive reviews about this place, I decided to give it a go. Actually, I have been here twice now as the food turned out to be very, very good!

Raw beef sashimi! This is so tasty, the beef, cucumber and pear all cut identically, blended together with egg yolk and sugar and sesame oil. I could eat 100 portions of this stuff, perfect!

Kimchi Pancakes, perfectly crispy on the outside and nice and moist on the inside. Love the taste of these pancakes.

I have a soft spot for mackerel. This was a grilled mackerel, seasoned with some lemon and salt. Very, very good. Once again, I could have easily had more of this.

Finally, spicy squid with cucumber and onions and some other vegetables. This was also a cold dish, the portion is huge. I really loved this, I also recommend trying the same dish with whelk.

I must say that Dong San has positively surprised me on both visits and I will be going back very soon. I have no idea what the sushi and sashimi tastes like, to be honest I don’t even know why they bother doing this. I think it might be for lunch guests to make some money, so I forgive them. Please pay them a visit and let me know what you think!

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Woo Jung, 59 St Giles High St, London

Woo Jung, this is one of the Korean restaurants near the monstrosity that is London Centre Point. I actually visited this restaurant last summer, don’t even know if it’s still there.

I remember not ordering these starters, they were on the house. Kimchi (great!), pickled bean sprouts and cucumber and some weird jelly with hot sauce on the top.

This was what they called something similar to spicy pork soup. I remember that this had no taste at all, very bland.

I have a theory when it comes to spicy food served in Asian restaurants. At some places, not sure if this happened at Woo Jung, they get all excited when you order something that says spicy. Usually they ask you, “very spicy, hot hot, ok?”. Then they walk away with the order and look a bit sceptical. My experience is that when you get the food, it’s not at all spicy or hot! So, what I think they do is that they scribble down the order and then add some funny characters for “white person no no spicy” for the kitchen.

Woo Jung, ok food, but you can have much nicer Korean food at several restaurants nearby in Soho. Sorry guys!

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Centrepoint Sushi, 20 St Giles High St, London

Centrepoint Sushi is one of the restaurants just behind Centrepoint, the (ugly) landmark at the end of Oxford Street. There a few Korean restaurants in this area, one of which will be reviewed later. Ok, so Centrepoint Sushi is above a Japanese/Korean supermarket and we were hungry from and tempted to try some of their food.

The menu is a mix of Korean/Japanese/Chinese food. The food is actually quite expensive considering that this is not a fancy joint. I had some Kimchi Jigae, it was ok, but really nothing spectacular.

This was the Chirashi Sushi, I looked great and was good. Again, nothing spectacular and the rice was not the best. Why am I even saying stuff was ok? The service was great, I just remembered that. Shy Japanese girls, did not understand or speak much English. However, very polite and attentive.

Verdict: spend your money somewhere else. If the mains were -£2 then I might consider this one again, but not really at the rate they are charging today.

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Sushi Ga Ga, 16 Lisle Street, London

On my way home I walked by this newly opened Japanese restaurant (with non-Japanese staff) on Lisle Street. They had a 50 % offer on their entire menu, this was really a temptation I could not resist of. I did not even notice the name of the place when I entered, however, soon I realised that they were playing Lady Gaga on the stereo and they had Ga Ga specials on their menu. I most say, that this was perhaps the most confusing thing with the restaurant. The interior is new and fresh, feels very clean but lacks warmth.

I ordered the following items from their menu (which was really a Japanese/Chinese/Korean mix).

Gyoza. These were actually really good, soft and tasty.

Kimchi. OMG this picture is just awful. The problem was my camera and the fact that it was served in a deep bowl so it made it even harder to get a decent picture. The first thing on my list to buy when I get my next pay check is a new camera. The kimchi was a mix of cabbage, carrots and other vegetables. It was actually very good, a bit different to all other kimchi I have tried. the sauce was a bit smoother and thicker and there was much more garlic in Sushi Ga Ga’s version. Still, I enjoyed this very much.

Chirashi Sushi, one of those stomach fillers! The fish came cut in cubes, the first time I have encountered this. Not sashimi quality fish; hence, the cubes I guess. However, it worked out really nice and I found the dish really nice.

The chirashi sushi came with a small Soba noodle soup. This was not good, I actually just had a taste of the soup and some noodles and decided not to eat it. A boring texture to the noodles, the soup was too sweet and really was not something I would enjoy eating. It was also a bit strange to have a carb supplement to a carb main dish.

All in all, I might go here again if they have some good offers on the menu. I would definitely order the Kimchi and perhaps try one of their nigiri plates or Bento boxes.

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Ramen Ki-Mama, Birger Jarlsgatan 93, Stockholm

Ramen Ki-Mama in Stockholm is the one and only place for ramen in Sweden. The food is great! They really make a nice broth, the noodles are perfect and the toppings are wonderful. I love this place, I have never been disappointed when eating here. The food is also very affordable…

Kimchi!!! I love kimchi, I am a real kimchi slut. I could eat kimchi until I explode. The kimchi at Ramen Ki-Mama was great, I ordered two bowls!

Ramen in a miso soup base. Delicious pork and bean sprouts, what a great mix!

Wonton ramen! As you can see, their soup also contained some sugar peas and some cloud mushrooms. This was wonderful, very very nice flavours.

Please go to Ramen Ki-Mama and throw your money up on them.

Sushi-Ya, Skånegatan 82, Stockholm

When I lived on Skånegatan in Stockholm, Sushi-Ya was my number one choice for Sushi. We were in Stockholm this weekend and decided to walk a trip down memory lane and ended up in Sushi-Ya. What a great place this is! They deliver delicious food, the service is great and I feel that I can relax in the restaurant.

As you might know, I love kimchi and ordered two portions for starters! It was just great, a nice mix of different flavours. I asked the waitress how they prepare it and she revealed that they make it a bit sweeter than normal and add some sake and pears! It was a bit sweet actually, but not too sweet. I recommend that you try it out yourself!

For main course we had a big plate of sashimi and a selection of sushi. I must say that the fish was extremely fresh and the presentation was very nice.

Once again, Sushi-ya did not let us down. In my honest opinion, this is the best place for sushi in Stockholm – please pay them a visit!

Stir-fried Minced Pork with Holy Basil (and Kimchi!!!)

Time for a new home made meal. Recently I was fortunate enough to get hold of some fresh Thai holy basil (or fresh-ish) from a Asian supermarket. I also bought a lot of other stuff that I hope to use in the following weeks; herbs, sauces, a bamboo steamer, fish balls and shrimps.

Ok ok, let’s get to business. Stir-fried pork with holy basil, what a great and easy thing to cook at home. The ingredients are as follows: minced meat (pork, chicken or beef), garlic, chicken stock, Thai chillies, holy basil, oyster sauce, Maggi sauce, Thai soy sauce, msg and sugar.

Actually there is a great youtube video that shows you all the steps:

Love the music in the video clip! I did exactly as the woman cooking in the street stall, however, the pork that I used was much more finely minced and I did not include green peppers. There are so many great videos on the net, youtube has to be God’s gift to man.

Serve the stir-fry with jasmine rice and you have a great main course. Since I am addicted to Kimchi I had a bowl of that as well! Enjoy bitches!