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Yoshino, 3 Piccadilly Place, London

Hi guys, sorry for not updating for ages. LOL, that’s such a common excuse on blogs around the Internet. I’ve got like 10 posts to write, all great food that I’ve eaten this year.

Let’s start of with Yoshino, this great restaurant near Piccadilly Circus. This place has offers some REALLY nice fish at a very reasonable price. The place itself is not that cosy, very average┬ádecor. The staff is┬ávery kind and attentive, nothing to complain about!

For starters, edamame and Japanese cucumber salad. Both really good, the second one VERY overpriced though. It was about 10 slices of cucumber in vinegar, the same prices as 4 slices of fish!

The fish, OMG, looking at this picture makes me hungry. From 1 o’clock we have tuna, followed by mackerel (my favourite), the good old salmon, some slimy squid (this is always slimy) and finally eel.

I’m definitely going back, you should pay them a visit as well!

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