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Taro, 61 Brewer Street, London

Soho has so many wonderful (and cheap) Asian restaurants, Taro most certainly belongs to this category. This is a Japanese restaurant with an extensive menu, here you can get your sushi, ramen, sashimi or yakitori or whatever you might fancy.

We started with a selection of pickles, great flavours and a nice crunchy texture.

How can you not order Gyoza? These were perfectly cooked, really nice!

When it comes to Asian soups I really have a weak spot for Ramen. This was a shoyu ramen, a selection of nice and fresh vegetables, black cloud mushrooms and some fish cakes. The noodles were really nice and the broth excellent! One of the best ramens I’ve tried in London this year.

Chicken Ramen, a meatier and more bold version. A great mix of bean sprouts, spring onions, seaweed and chicken. Loved it!

Taro is actually part of a chain (ok, they have three restaurants in London so I’m not sure if you would call it a chain). This is the Brewer Street restaurant, not sure about the other two but I will definitely be going back here! I love ramen!

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Ramen Ki-Mama, Birger Jarlsgatan 93, Stockholm

Ramen Ki-Mama in Stockholm is the one and only place for ramen in Sweden. The food is great! They really make a nice broth, the noodles are perfect and the toppings are wonderful. I love this place, I have never been disappointed when eating here. The food is also very affordable…

Kimchi!!! I love kimchi, I am a real kimchi slut. I could eat kimchi until I explode. The kimchi at Ramen Ki-Mama was great, I ordered two bowls!

Ramen in a miso soup base. Delicious pork and bean sprouts, what a great mix!

Wonton ramen! As you can see, their soupĀ also containedĀ some sugar peas and some cloud mushrooms. This was wonderful, very very nice flavours.

Please go to Ramen Ki-Mama and throw your money up on them.

Toku @ The Japan Centre, 212 Piccadilly, London

I love The Japan Centre in London. The food shop has now moved and can be found at a different address nearby, the restaurant is at the old location. Once again, a very extensive menu to order from. We had salmon don and ramen, this was so tasty. I could die eating ramen, seriously! Please do visit Toku when you are in London.

Salmon Don

Salmon Don

Pork and Kimchi Ramen

Pork ramen

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Ramen Seto, 19 Kingly Street, London

This is a small restaurant near Liberty department store. They focus on ramen and have a nice menu to choose from. It is quite inexpensive as well, considering that it is central London near Regent Street with the constant tourist flow.

Ramen, glorious ramen! Please do have some at the restaurant. I can recommend any of the ones pictured below.

Wonton Ramen and Char Siu Ramen




Deep-fried Tofu with Bonito Sauce

Tofu bonito

* Update 10/08/24 *

The place has not changed at all since I visited the last time. I had the same gyoza and a Kimchi ramen. What I would like to see from this place is some variation in the noodles, they are good but very basic.

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