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Yoshino, 3 Piccadilly Place, London

Hi guys, sorry for not updating for ages. LOL, that’s such a common excuse on blogs around the Internet. I’ve got like 10 posts to write, all great food that I’ve eaten this year.

Let’s start of with Yoshino, this great restaurant near Piccadilly Circus. This place has offers some REALLY nice fish at a very reasonable price. The place itself is not that cosy, very average decor. The staff is very kind and attentive, nothing to complain about!

For starters, edamame and Japanese cucumber salad. Both really good, the second one VERY overpriced though. It was about 10 slices of cucumber in vinegar, the same prices as 4 slices of fish!

The fish, OMG, looking at this picture makes me hungry. From 1 o’clock we have tuna, followed by mackerel (my favourite), the good old salmon, some slimy squid (this is always slimy) and finally eel.

I’m definitely going back, you should pay them a visit as well!

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Toku @ Japan Centre, 14-16 Regent Street, London

I reviewed Toku in October 2009. Now they have moved, together with the store, to a new location on Regent Street. The restaurant is smaller and the menu is different. They do not offer ramen anymore, which is a shame. There seems to be a mix of Japanese and Cantonese food on the menu, a bit strange to be honest. Here is what we had:

Tofu with soy sauce, on the house. This was a premium brand silken tofu, very nice.

Sashimi, a tiny tiny plate which actually was way too expensive. Nothing spectacular.

Shumai pork dumplings, nothing spectacular.

Steamed pork dumplings, these I liked.

Salmon don, very basic dish.

In summary, the new Toku does not even compare to the old Toku. Sad, but true.

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Sushi-Ya, Skånegatan 82, Stockholm

When I lived on Skånegatan in Stockholm, Sushi-Ya was my number one choice for Sushi. We were in Stockholm this weekend and decided to walk a trip down memory lane and ended up in Sushi-Ya. What a great place this is! They deliver delicious food, the service is great and I feel that I can relax in the restaurant.

As you might know, I love kimchi and ordered two portions for starters! It was just great, a nice mix of different flavours. I asked the waitress how they prepare it and she revealed that they make it a bit sweeter than normal and add some sake and pears! It was a bit sweet actually, but not too sweet. I recommend that you try it out yourself!

For main course we had a big plate of sashimi and a selection of sushi. I must say that the fish was extremely fresh and the presentation was very nice.

Once again, Sushi-ya did not let us down. In my honest opinion, this is the best place for sushi in Stockholm – please pay them a visit!

Machiroku, Carrer de les Moles 21, Barcelona

We celebrated New Year in Barcelona, what a great city! There were some good Asian restaurants in town, a bit difficult to find perhaps but worth the effort. 

On our first day we ate lunch at Machiroku located in downtown Barcelona. We were offered starters which included sashimi of salmon, tuna squid. We also had a small portion of basic fried noodles. Both starters were great, no complaints.

For main course we had Unagi Donburi (grilled eel with a sweet soy sauce glace) which was totally delicious. We also had some Salmon Don, very fresh and tasty. 

The food was really nice for lunch, the restaurant was busy and the staff friendly and effective! I would most definitely eat lunch here again if I were in Barcelona.