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Centrepoint Sushi, 20 St Giles High St, London

Centrepoint Sushi is one of the restaurants just behind Centrepoint, the (ugly) landmark at the end of Oxford Street. There a few Korean restaurants in this area, one of which will be reviewed later. Ok, so Centrepoint Sushi is above a Japanese/Korean supermarket and we were hungry from and tempted to try some of their food.

The menu is a mix of Korean/Japanese/Chinese food. The food is actually quite expensive considering that this is not a fancy joint. I had some Kimchi Jigae, it was ok, but really nothing spectacular.

This was the Chirashi Sushi, I looked great and was good. Again, nothing spectacular and the rice was not the best. Why am I even saying stuff was ok? The service was great, I just remembered that. Shy Japanese girls, did not understand or speak much English. However, very polite and attentive.

Verdict: spend your money somewhere else. If the mains were -£2 then I might consider this one again, but not really at the rate they are charging today.

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Wasabi, all over London

London, I love you – London, I love you!

What a great new addition to the London take away lunch. Wasabi has 10+ small food kiosks in town offering a range of seriously fresh and tasty sushi. The pieces are individually wrapped and the selection is extremely broad considering the fact that they only do take away. We bought ourselves some nice sushi and found ourselves a nice spot in the nearest park and enjoyed the fresh food. What a great alternative to fast food and once again, the quality is really good. Please do support Wasabi’s cause!

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Sushi-Ya, Skånegatan 82, Stockholm

When I lived on Skånegatan in Stockholm, Sushi-Ya was my number one choice for Sushi. We were in Stockholm this weekend and decided to walk a trip down memory lane and ended up in Sushi-Ya. What a great place this is! They deliver delicious food, the service is great and I feel that I can relax in the restaurant.

As you might know, I love kimchi and ordered two portions for starters! It was just great, a nice mix of different flavours. I asked the waitress how they prepare it and she revealed that they make it a bit sweeter than normal and add some sake and pears! It was a bit sweet actually, but not too sweet. I recommend that you try it out yourself!

For main course we had a big plate of sashimi and a selection of sushi. I must say that the fish was extremely fresh and the presentation was very nice.

Once again, Sushi-ya did not let us down. In my honest opinion, this is the best place for sushi in Stockholm – please pay them a visit!

Akki Sushi, Folkungagatan 45, Stockholm

Spicy Tuna Rolls and Sashimi with Spicy Baby Octopus. DELICIOUS!

Spicy Tuna Rolls Sashimi and octopus

This has to be one of the best sushi joints in Stockholm. They cut the fish when you order and it is so fresh. The place itself is tiny and does not look fancy. I think they have like 5 seats so if you are visiting town it might be a good idea to plan for takeaway. OMG, great food.